The Jerry Dirmann Podcast

Join us each week as Jerry Dirmann—founder of Solid Lives, and Senior Pastor of The Rock—leads us in to discovering truths in God’s Word, and how they apply to our lives. Whether you are looking to grow in your leadership, see more fruitfulness in your ministry, or see your walk with God go to the next level, you’ve come to the right place! Grab your Bible and prepare to be encouraged as you pursue the amazing call of God on your life.

The New Testament Daily (with Jerry Dirmann)

Dive into the Bible with Jerry as he reads through a chapter of the New Testament every day. While he reads, Jerry will give helpful insights and context to these passages, so you can not only understand what was happening then, but see how you can apply these scriptures to your life today. Join us as we journey through The New Testament Daily with Jerry Dirmann.

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