[updated Oct 2021] Due to current travel restrictions, we are not able to host Tours at this time. If you would like to receive email updates about Tours and Solid Lives ministries, please join the interest list below. We look forward to experiencing the land of the Bible with you in the future! 

We invite you to come and experience the Bible with us and hear God speak to you through the pages and places of the Scripture!

Imagine … you open your Bible and begin to read and see that Jesus is fulfilling prophecies of Scripture as He enters into Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. Only today, you’re not reading this story from your home or church … you are reading this story as YOU stand on the Mount of Olives! Flash forward several days, and you find yourself recounting the story of Jesus and Peter walking on water, as YOU sail the Sea of Galilee. Then it’s off to Mount Carmel where Elijah the prophet ministered, and so much more!

From the footsteps of Paul in his missionary journeys (Footsteps of Paul Tour) through the Mediterranean to the four corners of Israel where the stories and miracles of the Bible took place (Israel Tour), we invite you to join us for a tour you will never forget!


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