Reading our Bibles… every day!

Our Jesus Disciple Reading Plans are designed to help you be in the Word—and hear from God—each day! And don’t forget, you can find all of these resources on the Solid Lives app.

This brief video will walk you through the new Jesus Disciple Reading Plans and also give a quick overview of how to use journal.

Read with Us

Select a plan below to be directed to TODAY’S reading online.

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Daily Video + Podcast

Want to read your New Testament chapter along with Jerry? Join him daily on YouTube or on your favorite podcast service for “The New Testament Daily with Jerry Dirmann”.

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Using the Bible App

You can use the Bible App to read along with each of the four Jesus Disciple Reading Plans. Since these plans are designed share the same New Testament chapter each day—use the steps below to begin and sync your reading plan to today’s reading.

1. DOWNLOAD THE BIBLE APP – Apple | Google



  1. Start the reading plan of your choice (step #2 above).
  2. Open your reading plan in the Bible app, and note that there are day numbers and dates for each reading (this section is focused on correctly syncing these dates).
  3. Scroll through the day numbers until you get to the number marked “today’s number” below (this number changes daily).
  4. Mark all assigned chapters complete for this specific day number, and close any pop-up windows that come after.
  5. Go to the “•••” at the top-right of the screen and select “Catch Me Up” and then “Shift Dates Forward“. 
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