Guaranteed Success

(Digital Download)

Success, can it be guaranteed? In this 8-part series, Pastor Jerry teaches that it is God’s will that you have success in every area of your life, and that success is guaranteed!

My Rock And My Fortress

(7 Messages on CD)

In this timely series Jerry Dirmann shares how you can thrive in tumultuous times. This 7-message series is sure to bring you the faith and confidence of King David who declared, ‘The Lord is my rock and my fortress.


30 Reasons to be Saved

((COMBINATION OFFER) by Jerry Dirmann

Now you have the opportunity to not only share the life changing reason to be saved, but also share how the subject of “covenant’ is nothing new. It is demonstrated throughout the Bible, from Genesis to the final pages of Revelation.

Jesus gave everything He had to give you the privilege and opportunity to be saved; ultimately proving to the world that God truly does swear to keep His promises.

    Healing Power

    (Digital Download)

    God wants you healed. This series by Pastor Jerry will convince you that healing is indeed God’s will for your life today. Discover how God’s healing power is available for you today and how this power can be made real in the lives of others!


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