The Blessing Of An Open Heaven (CDs)


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The Blessing of God changes EVERYTHING! In this 9 CD teaching series, called The Blessing Of An Open Heaven, Pastor Jerry clearly teaches, from the word of God, what the Blessing of the Lord is and how it causes:

Supernatural Financial Provision

Supernatural Favor and Promotion

Supernatural Fruitfulness

Supernatural Protection and Longevity

Supernatural Business Savvy

Teachings include:

  • What is the Blessing?
  • What is an Open Heaven?
  • The Commanded Blessings
  • 7 Keys to Tithing
  • The Blessing of New Testament Tithing
  • The King of Hearts
  • The Abundant Blessings
  • The Blessing of Contentment
  • The Debt-Dissolving, Overflowing Blessing


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