Jesus’ Gifts Group Study Guide

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Have you ever wondered what role you play in the body of Christ? And with the gifts and graces you have, should you function as an apostle or prophet? Should these gifts even be a part of the ministry of the Church today? We will answer these questions and more in this small group study called “Jesus’ Gifts.”

This study contains six lessons about the gifts that Jesus gives to equip and build up His Church. Each lesson includes a lesson, and some discussion questions that will help you better understand and apply the materials—thus we encourage that you go through this with a small group.

Jesus’ Gifts lessons:

  1. You Are A Gift
  2. Apostles
  3. Prophets
  4. Evangelists
  5. Shepherds/Pastors
  6. Teachers

You are sure to be blessed and encouraged by this study, and better equipped for your ministry. Grab a bundle, gather a group of people, and grow together in this wonderful study called Jesus’ Gifts.

Jesus’ Gifts is a part of a group of studies (which includes Jesus’ Church and Jesus’ Commission), which is about church ministry today, and how we can and should work together to fulfill the amazing plan that Jesus has for us!

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