BFAM 2020 Leadership Conference Video (Digital Download)

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The BFAM Leadership Conference is designed to unveil and disseminate the biblical secrets to becoming a fruitful and multiplying leader and ministry.

It is God’s desire that every leader and ministry be fruitful and multiply (BFAM), yet the spiritual keys to be fruitful and multiply remain a mystery to most. This conference reveals both the pragmatic steps and the spiritual processes required to begin seeing supernatural and “God-level” results, in your ministry, your business and your life.

These powerful messages are sure to cause faith to arise, with clarity of vision and empowerment to Be Fruitful and Multiply.

5 Sessions

Session 1 – Jerry Dirmann
Session 2 – Carl McAulay
Session 3 – David Dirmann
Session 4 – Dr. Jerry Stott
Session 5 – Kimberly Dirmann

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