Advancing Despite Adversity (Download)

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No one is immune to adversity but the people of God should not be limited by it! Nehemiah 2:20 says, ‘the God of heaven Himself will prosper us.’ No matter what comes against His people, if God is the One prospering us, we can advance. Through Nehemiah’s courageous story of fulfilling God’s command in the midst of continuous threats and ongoing dangers, Jerry Dirmann shows us God’s plan for each of us to lead lives that overcome opposition. Your faith will be built that no matter the desperate times we endure, our God desires to show us how to be a people who are constantly advancing despite adversity.

Digital Download

  • 1 Advancing Despite Adversity – Part 1
  • 2 Advancing Despite Adversity – Part 2
  • 3 Financial Relief for the Builder
  • 4 Scare Tactics and Distractions
  • 5 Control the Gates and Doors
  • 6 Let God Promote You
  • 7 Solid Ground
  • 8 Preparing for a Miracle
  • 9 Obedience Brings Provision
  • 10 Preparing a Place for God
  • 11 A Time of Our Visitation
  • 12 Dedication Service
  • 13 A New Level of Glory
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