by Anna Iervolino

What Does it Say?

Micah 3:8 (ESV) “But as for me, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might, to declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin.”

[Taken from from Benson’s Commentary of the Old and New Testaments]
Micah 3:8 (KJV) Truly I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord –– Here Micah speaks of himself by way of contrast to the false prophets, and declares that he was filled with a divine prophetic influence, and not with dainties, wine, and strong drink, like those false pretenders to prophecy; and of judgment ––To discern truth from error, right from wrong, and to judge properly of times and seasons, and improve them accordingly. And of might –– Of courage, constancy, and resolution to speak whatever God commands me, without being deterred from it by the fear of any one, however great, or in whatever station.

What Does it Mean?

What a beautiful verse in the middle of this chapter. Micah at this point has been talking about false prophets as he’s addressed in many different points already in this short book in the Old Testament. But here in verse eight, he says, “But as for me…” He begins talking about his role as a true prophet. He said, “I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord.” Not with the spirit of this world, with an adversary who wants to deceive, with false prophecy, false teaching, that which is not from God. “I’m filled with power with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might…”

Believers have been given the Spirit of God so that they can witness to what God has done.

Already in this book, Micah has been a mouthpiece for God’s judgment upon His people for their injustice and their oppression of people. Yet here Micah is saying, “I’m filled with justice and might because I’m filled with the Spirit of the Lord.” And then he says all of this, “I’m filled with power, with the Spirit of Lord, with justice and might.” To do what? “To declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin.” To speak about the seriousness of transgression and sin against God and to call people to turn to Him.

What Does it Mean to Us?

Micah’s message preached today would be labeled hate speech.

Micah was telling the people all the things they didn´t want to hear about: sin, judgment, consequences, hardships. But his words had power because they came from God. That was the message God had for His people

We are under pressure from the world to cave and not stand for truth, to compromise living truth.

My heart today is to remind us that being full of the Spirit of God allows us to defend ourselves against the pressures of the world caving in on us. Not being weighed down but rather filled up!!! To be led into truth and bear witness to this truth wherever we go.

My main heart today is to speak to you that His fullness within is to push back the pressures outside; pressure to conform, to be apathetic, to worry, to take matters into your own hands.

The days are evil, we have impossible circumstances, facing people we love; being filled with the Spirit continually allows us to push back the pressure and be led out with truth and justice and power and friendship. You know Jesus wants to be everywhere you are; He has people to touch, and He ministers through those who are full of the Spirit and sensitive to His leading. Overflowing in us, He goes with us everywhere we go to accomplish things.

When Jesus left, He said, “I’m leaving the helper,” and He knew He only had power to minister because of the Holy Spirit, so it’s like the master course is being taught to you and me, to be filled and go out, and that is how we minister to others effectively. The Holy Spirit is a resource to move us along lines and release gifts that would never happen any other way.

Jesus told His disciples before He ascended into heaven, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” Micah said, “I am filled with power and the Spirit of the Lord…”

This is an awesome thought. That which Micah experienced as a prophet in the Old Testament, every follower of Jesus can experience in the New Testament. You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. Micah says, “With justice and might…” Yes, we have the Spirit of God in us, and the Word of God to us about what is just and right and good. And we have the strength of God living in us, His Spirit dwelling inside of us. Why? When Micah is saying, “I’m filled with power, the Spirit of the Lord with justice and might, to declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin.” To tell people about the seriousness of sin and the salvation of God.

I know gas is expensive, and I hate to bring up the word “fuel,” but there’s a re-fueling of your spirit today. Be filled, be filled––without money. Be filled today with the power of the Holy Spirit, a fresh flow of the river of heaven.

To fill you with boldness and courage, I find it bold that Ephesians 5 says, “o not be drunk with wine, (fake boldness and courage) but be filled with the spirit.”

Do you feel empty today? Be filled!!! His fullness is within to push back the pressures outside!