Rivers Of Living Water

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Jesus came to quench every spiritually thirsty soul with rivers of living water. These waters are to be a continual stream of life-giving power that reaches into every part of our lives and enables us to be a fountain of living water for others. Download this new series by Pastor Jerry today!

Unlocking Abundance

a series by Jerry Dirmann

God desires abundance for you! In this series, Unlocking Abundance, Jerry Dirmann walks you through the Bible in order to show you how much God loves you and wants your needs to be met. Discover the keys to unlock abundance in your life today!


30 Reasons to be Saved

(COMBINATION OFFER) by Jerry Dirmann

Now you have the opportunity to not only share the life changing reason to be saved, but also share how the subject of “covenant’ is nothing new. It is demonstrated throughout the Bible, from Genesis to the final pages of Revelation.

Jesus gave everything He had to give you the privilege and opportunity to be saved; ultimately proving to the world that God truly does swear to keep His promises.

    Eliminating Poverty

    poverty & financial lack

    Are you struggling to pay your bills and provide for your children? Do you wonder if poverty and lack are a part of your life forever? God has provided a way out; He has provided a way to increase supernaturally and eliminate poverty and lack from your life. In this timely message, Jerry Dirmann describes the keys of increase and debt elimination, God’s way!

    Gift of the Spirit

    a series by Jerry Dirmann

    Jerry Dirmann’s latest series discusses the nine gifts of the Spirit, their function, and their use in the earth today. These gifts aren’t just for you; they are for the people around you. Understanding the gifts of the Spirit helps you to better flow with the Holy Spirit and be a blessing in the lives of other people. Download this FREE series today!

    The Spirit of Faith

    (Audio Download)

    What is the spirit of faith and how does it operate today? Jerry Dirmann answers these questions and instructs us on how to use the spirit of faith in our everyday lives for living a victorious Christian life.


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