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The BFAM Training Center exists for one purpose: to equip YOU for the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever God has called you to do, we want to equip you to do it well.

Fall 2020 Courses

Leading A Movement:
The Transition from Pastoring to Apostleship
Jerry Dirmann
God is calling many pastors in these last days to lead as apostles. Jerry Dirmann invites up to 12 senior pastors and lead pastors to join him for this LIVE class––either in person or on Zoom. Along with scriptural and practical teachings, Jerry will lead discussions on overcoming the personal and organizational challenges necessary to lead a movement. The goal? That each leader hears God’s direction for this next season and walks away with faith for the future, practical steps, and life-long ministry comrades.
Preaching Practicum
Steve Schell
This course is designed to teach a person how to preach effectively. Special emphasis will be given to preaching through whole books of the Bible. There will be 12 one-and-a-half-hour sessions, and each session will contain about one hour of lecture followed by questions and answers or discussion of sermon outlines. Lecture topics will include:
the importance of believing the Bible
the role of the preacher
understanding the new birth
preaching through a book of the Bible
a survey of different types of sermons
forming a sermon
delivering a sermon
the personal life of the preacher
writing an outline
There will be no homework assignments for this class, but students will be encouraged to prepare sermon outlines, and some of those that are submitted will be reviewed by the class.

This course will focus on the book of Romans as an example of preaching through a book of the Bible. Each student will receive a copy of Study Verse by Verse: Romans, which is a commentary, and Preaching Through Romans, which is a collection of 65 sermons progressing all the way through the book. These two resources will give practical help to the student who may wish to continue preaching through the book of Romans.

Foundations of Women in Ministry Leadership
Marion Ingegneri
Exploring the basic doctrine and practicum surrounding women in ministry leadership. Understanding how to implement theology that releases women leaders in the ministry context.
Positioned For The Gifts
Dr. Jerry Stott
This study covers the operation of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit that are available to believers for daily life. This course is a detailed, practical guide to how the gifts of the Holy Spirit can and will operate in and out of the church doors to touch the hurting, challenge the believer, and win the lost.
The Business of Ministry
Ric Guerra
This course discusses both the spiritual and practical dynamics of managing the business affairs of church ministry in the 21st century context. Charitable giving rules, labor laws, anti-terrorism and banking regulations have changed the landscape of issues faced by the Christian church. This course will expose emerging ministry leaders to the most critical administrative issues that ministry organization face and provide tools to navigate them effectively.
Spiritual Issues in Church Planting
Dr. Leslie Keegel
This subject deals with practical principles of church planting coupled with spiritual warfare in evangelism, church growth, and church planting.
Foundations of Worship Leading
David Dirmann
This course covers the top 10 elements that every worship leader should know and continue to develop, whether in small or large settings. Designed for beginning as well as experienced leaders.
Leading With Guitar
For the worship leader whose main instrument is guitar. This is not an introduction to guitar course, but an instruction on how to use your instrument to lead others in worship. Students should be able to play a few basic major and minor chords before beginning this course.

BFAM Training Center
Ministry Certificates

Learn the fundamentals of pastoral ministry as a senior pastor, lead pastor or house church pastor.
Learn to develop and lead a Spirit-filled worship ministry, write worship songs, and proficiently lead people in genuine worship.
Learn to develop and lead relevant and impactful Next Gen Ministry at all levels––kids, youth and young adults.
Learn to build and effectively manage the vital ministry systems of administration and finances.
Learn to be a missionary to a foreign land or across the street, to lead missions teams and to develop a church missions strategy.
Learn to proficiently defend the validity and truths of the Bible against age-old and contemporary philosophies and beliefs.
Learn how disciple-making, church planting and apostolic movements get started and succeed.
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